Miguel Albuquerque was adamant yesterday when warning supermarkets and shopping centers to comply with the rules, following the floods that have occurred over the past few days. The President of the Regional Government guaranteed that either behavior changes or establishments will close in the near future. A warning that seems to be taking effect.

This morning, at 7:50 am, in a supermarket in Cancela, some differences were already noticeable. At the entrance to the parking lot, a man warns that it will be necessary to queue, and all customers are measured the temperature before entry.

It is recalled that yesterday, during a videoconference at Quinta Vigia, Miguel Albuquerque said that bars and restaurants are complying, but that supermarkets and shopping centers are starting to fail.

“We are seeing a lot of carelessness. I will alert the shopping centers. If they do not respect, close everything!”, Said the chief of Madeiran Executive. “They are already warned that if the temperature is not measured, if the distance is not maintained, we will end everything.”

From Jornal Madeira


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