Do Not Fly From The UK

I’m just catching up with a bit of news, but over the next weeks into the beginning of January, DO NOT FLY from the UK, we have already had this situation below where BA brought tourists today, I believe most other flights came empty to take people home, and already airlines are contacting passengers to get them back home before Christmas, or you could well be stuck here for weeks.

As reported in the early afternoon, passengers from the United Kingdom, whether Madeiran or not, will await the second test in mandatory prophylactic isolation at a hotel requested by the Regional Government for this purpose.

Note that these travelers must perform the 2nd covid-19 screening test between the fifth and seventh days after the first test is performed and must ensure that in the period between disembarkation and the second test, the prophylactic isolation, in their home or in the hotel that they have reserved for their stay ”.

The Regional Government will assume the financial charges for the hotel where the traveler is staying.