The increase in positive cases of covid-19 in the last days in the municipality of Machico, made the Municipality decide to reinforce the inspection in all the parishes, in the commercial establishments, with special emphasis on ensuring the maximum capacity of authorized persons in them. To this end, it will count on the collaboration of PSP, GNR and ARAE.

According to a note published today by the Civil Protection of Machico, inspection in the public space will also be reinforced, with special attention to the clusters of people and the non-use of personal protective equipment. The Complex of the Sports Park of Água de Pena will close shortly after the closure of the establishment that exists there, that is, at 00 hours.

“These measures aim to achieve the desired results in the fight against Pandemic, but which unfortunately and only by sensitization it was not possible to obtain, having verified resistance in compliance with the COVID-19 standards”, says the Municipality, through the Municipal Civil Protection.

From Jornal Madeira

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