Instructor gives course and travels infected with Covid

Madeira studies the possibility of instituting a criminal case against a rally driver who came to Madeira to give a course and tested positive.

It is a serious situation. Miguel Campos, renowned rally driver, former champion of Portugal and former vice champion of Europe, came to Madeira to give a course for drivers.

He traveled with a rapid antigen negative test, but the Madeira Health Authority does not accept this type of test as credible.

Having to do a PCR test on arrival at Madeira Airport, the pilot did not fulfill the isolation he was obliged to, until he knew the result.

The result would come on the day of the course and with a positive result. Campos would end up teaching the course throughout the day, not answering the phone to entities that wanted to alert him to his condition of being infected by Covid and thereby running the risk of infecting other people.

It was only at night, at a dinner that took place in a restaurant in the Garajau area, that the group became aware that Miguel Campos had tested positive and that as such he was infected with Covid.

The Health Authority knows that the dinner brought together more than a dozen sportsmen, that the party took place well beyond the 23 hours allowed by law, which is why it is carrying out the corresponding epidemiological study, not excluding a complaint.

Although alerted to his condition of infected, Miguel Campos traveled back to the continent, and may have infected passengers on his flight.

A Different version from the instructor Miguel Campos, who guarantees RTP “that I entered Madeira with a negative test, done by an entity certified by the General Health Directorate and until the time I speak to you, no one has informed me of any positive test”.

Outraged, the instructor acknowledges that “I did a test on arrival at Madeira airport”, failing to explain why he was in contact with other people before he knew the result, as this is the procedure recommended by health authorities. Campos guarantees that he did not receive the test result by e-mail or phone call and is surprised that a procedure that should be “totally confidential, is known to him” – journalist – so he reserves the right to take legal action.

The Madeira Health Authority is also considering criminal action, but in this case against Miguel , as they consider his conduct negligent and aware that he could have infected other people.

Two local instructors, of the most renowned, had to comply with prophylactic isolation as a precaution, although the first test made of this was negative.

From RTP Madeira

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