The JPP reported this morning that there were problems with scheduling the second PCR test (at covid-19).

In the initiative carried out, next to the airport screening unit, deputy Paulo Alves said he was aware of “several people who have been waiting for the test schedule and never received any information”, stating that “no one responds to emails, contacts that are in the leaflet that are distributed on arrival at the airport are disconnected and, even if people contact the fixed number, no one answers ”.

The deputy also asks “how will the absences from work of these people who started to miss more than the necessary number of days while waiting for the 2nd test be justified”.

Although he understands that “the increase in work is understandable”, taking into account the “increase in situations under analysis and the increase in the number of positive cases”, Paulo Alves said that “it is necessary that the Government adopt new measures, with the placement more specialized personnel in this unit because only then will there be a response capacity”.

“We must take into account the response capacity not only for carrying out tests, but also for the validation of those who have already done them in the countries of origin. The airport screening unit consolidates our offer of testing, which is essential at this stage, in one of the sectors most affected by the pandemic ”, concluded the deputy.

From Jornal Madeira