Vaccines for covid-19 arrive in Madeira tomorrow morning

The first vaccines against Covid-19 will arrive in Madeira tomorrow, on a direct flight from Brussels.

According to the Diário Notícias, the arrival of this first shipment of vaccines assigned to Madeira is scheduled for the morning. The vaccines produced by Pfizer will later be transported to the pharmacy of Hospital Dr. Nélio Mendonça, in an operation in charge of the Regional Command of Madeira of the Public Security Police (PSP).

The vaccines will then be kept in two deep freezers with a capacity of 700 liters, for storage at minus 70 degrees, which were purchased by the Regional Government.

The first vaccines will probably be administered only on Tuesday, and, as in the case of the continent, the first to receive it will be health professionals. The first citizen of Madeira to be vaccinated will be a doctor linked to the first line of combat to the coronavirus.

This first shipment consists of 9,750 vaccines. In the first phase of vaccination against Covid-19, Madeira plans to cover 50 thousand people.

From Diário Notícias