Active Cases become worrying for Porto Santo

This Monday, Funchal had 47 new cases of coronavirus and currently has 381 active cases of infection. Câmara de Lobos already had 25 more new cases and now has 129 active cases of Covid-19 in the municipality.

In addition to these two municipalities, the situation in Porto Santo begins to become worrying given the low number of inhabitants. The golden island had this Monday another 12 new cases and currently has 30 active cases.

Today Santa Cruz had six new ones and currently has 93 active cases. Ribeira Brava also had six new cases and has 53 active cases.

As for the other counties, Machico (which has 47 active cases) today added five new cases. Porto Moniz and São Vicente follow, with one case each.

It’s also remembered there were two more deaths today related to Covid bringing the total to 16.

From Agora Madeira

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