Region has already vaccinated 3,000 people against COVID-19

To date, three thousand people have been vaccinated through the Regional Vaccination Plan COVID-19 (PRVC). According to data obtained from the Regional Health Department, vaccines (first dose) were administered to 2,200 health professionals and the remaining 800 in nursing homes in the Region.

It is recalled that the Regional Vaccination Plan COVID-19 started on 31 December.

According to what is recommended by the PRVC, vaccination is being carried out according to the availability of vaccines, and the prioritization criteria are established according to the risk of exposure to SARS CoV-2, according to the guidance of the Health Authority.

In this first phase, 9,750 vaccines were made available for the entire RAM.

A new batch of 14,625 vaccines from Pfizer is expected to arrive in February, with the possibility of reinforcing batches with vaccines from Astrazeneca and Moderna.

From Diário Notícias

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