The pandemic situation in the markets of origin for the destination Madeira and the evolution of vaccination processes in Europe determine prudence in the organisation of events that motivate the presence of many people.

In this sense, the Regional Government considers that the ideal conditions are not met to safely hold the “Madeira Flower Festival”, scheduled by the Regional Directorate of Tourism for the month of May this year. For this reason, it was decided to postpone the event, with no prospect of its realization before the end of next summer.

The new date will be fixed as soon as the Regional Health Authority understands the requirements to ensure that it runs safely both for residents and for our visitors.

Regarding the Festival do Atlântico, for the same reasons, it was understood to cancel its performance scheduled for this June.

In the current context of the pandemic, the primacy of the action of the Regional Government is to safeguard public health, a concern that has guided its action since the first hour, seeking, with this decision, to see a favorable and consistent pandemic evolution, as a result of the achievement of the ongoing vaccination process and the desired goal of group immunity.

From Jornal Madeira