Up to February 19, 17, 521 vaccines against COVID-19 were administered in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, since December 31, 2020. Vaccinated people are among the priority groups defined in the Regional Vaccination Plan against COVID-19 in RAM, administered according to the allocation of vaccines to the region.

Of the total number of vaccines already administered (17,521), 12,262 corresponds to the administration of the first dose of the vaccine and 5, 259 were of the second dose of the vaccine. This week we highlight the vaccination of medical students in training at the Health Service of RAM and the continuation of vaccination in homes (first and second doses), as well as health professionals, security forces and civil protection.

Also highlight the continuity of the vaccination campaign for the elderly in the municipalities according to the defined priorities. For the next week, priority groups will continue to be vaccinated, namely elderly people over 80 and elderly people aged between 75 and 79 with pathology, in the municipalities, maintaining the vaccination calendar already known to the population.

To date, 3232 elderly people in the different counties have been vaccinated in the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

From Jornal Madeira