Jackson Groves Now Solo in Madeira after his Adventure in Porto Santo .

Jackson Groves has been exploring our island for a while now, with his friends the digital Travel Couple Atiba and Ilse, who’s video I just shared from Porto Santo .

Jackson, is now on his own and has rented a place in Funchal for another month, and Madeira Tourism have lent him a car, so he can carry on exploring the island.

Busy doing some hiking and making new friends, Jackson admits that November could roll into December so he is taking it one month at a time.

I think we all agree he may as well stay right through December into next year and enjoy all the Christmas and New year celebrations that Madeira is famous for and it is being classed as one of the safest destinations in Europe this Christmas time.

Click the links below to read Jackson’s full post, and see all the fantastic photos he has taken on the hikes he has done. The Levada do Caldeirão Verde link has some amazing photos of one of Madeira’s most popular walks.





So Back to Porto Santo, Jackson spent 10 days exploring this island with Atiba and Ilse, and he has written one of the best reviews of the island you will find. So if you are yet to visit this island then enjoy reading his experience with the links below and the stunning photos he has taken from this little piece of paradise. It really just makes you want to be there right now…..