São Vicente registered today the highest temperature of the month of December (25.6 ºC)

The maximum temperature recorded today in São Vicente reached 25.6 ºC, a value that was not only the highest of the entire network of automatic meteorological stations of the IPMA in the Region (20 in Madeira, 1 in Porto Santo) recorded on this penultimate day of year in Madeira, but also the highest maximum temperature verified this month of December in the Region.

The extreme of the maximum temperature felt this afternoon (15:00) and reinforced by the also significant records in Santana (24.1 ºC) and in Porto Moniz (23.7 ºC), confirms the particularly ‘hot’ week on the north coast of the island of Madeira.

The lowest maximum temperature recorded today was felt at Pico do Areeiro (12.7 ºC). Significant was the fact that several locations, which not only along the coastline, recorded this Thursday air temperature values ​​above 20 °C, with emphasis on Santo da Serra, where the maximum was 20.9 °C.

From Diário Notícias

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