The Praia Formosa / Socorridos Maritime Walk, which connects the municipalities of Funchal and Câmara de Lobos, over two kilometers, was battered by the maritime agitation that was felt in the early hours of Monday, February 1st.

According to the office of the Regional Secretariat for Equipment and Infrastructure, after knowing this situation, the Metropolitan Development Society “sent its technicians to the site to check the damage and proceed with the closure of the promenade, in addition to debris along the entire walkway, they also found that one of the promenade boards was totally destroyed, interrupting the pedestrian crossing at that spot “.

This time, says the same note, “a follow-up of the evolution and assessment of the damage and security conditions of the walkway will be carried out, in order to develop the necessary procedures for the rehabilitation and cleaning of the promenade”.

SREI also informs that the promenade “will be closed in the next few days, given that the current weather forecasts will remain throughout this week, so we call for compliance with the restrictive measures imposed by the responsible authorities”

“As a result of successive episodes of maritime unrest in recent times”, SREI further explains that the Metropolitan Development Society had to postpone “the usual cleaning of the promenade, since the weather conditions did not allow it to happen”.

The warning for the rough seas has been extended till 6pm tomorrow (Tuesday).

From Jornal Madeira

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