Step By Step to know you are in the system for Vaccine

Thanks to Gill for sending this information in.

Some of you say that if you have your number in the system you will be contacted, and I have seen lots of evidence of this, but if you are not contacted or not sure you can follow these steps

Some points about the Portal Registration for Vaccine,
1. You need a Numero do Utente, this is issued when you register at your Centro Do Saude, without this the health system number you would not be contacted for a jab, as you will not be on the health systems lists, so not on the register at all.
2.  You can only register for the vaccine on the Portal once your category is being vaccinated. At the moment that is over 80 years and 75 Plus with 2 qualifying health issues or indeed as in my case a previous case of cancer which qualifies me at age 57.
3. If you have health conditions, but do not use the doctors in the state health system but use private doctors you can still register but you have to click on the boxes showing your health condition, and upload proof. But you must have a Numero Do Utente, Our ailments were auto listed on the site as we use the state system not the private.
Here is a screenshot of the first page of the Portal, you need to scroll to under the Green Covid box/area to log in or register.
Once your log in, you will get the screen below, on this screen go to the Red writing Inscricao Vacinacao do Covid, it is on the left-hand side, at the bottom of the row of choices, click here
It then opens up this page, fill in your details if they have not been pre-added and upload any evidence then scroll to the bottom and enter,
I am really not sure why all this would be set up if you didn’t have to use this, quite an exercise if its not necessary, and my doctor stressed I had to do it urgently. It was also mentioned in the Diario last week and a member of the M3A drew my attention to it and like I said this was confirmed by 2 specialists, who both had to register as health workers to get their jabs.
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