Professor creates nativity scene with more than 500 pieces in Funchal

A mega nativity scene was born in the former Madeiran barn cellar, in São Roque, Funchal, which brings together 507 pieces and many hours of enthusiasm and dedication. The author is Nuno Barros, EVT professor at Escola Salesiana do Funchal.

A work that began to be conceived in May, when the first figures began to be put together and the materials to be modeled, many of them recycled, such as wood, clay or polystyrene, in an area of ​​10 square meters, covered by moss and other greens from the mountains.

The nativity scene represents Christmas traditions in the rural environment, featuring waterfalls and water mills, moving figures of ancestral crafts, festival arches, the well where clothes were washed in the stream, pilgrimages, processions, childbirth masses and, as the religious mixes with the profane, the poncha and kebab houses.

A work that the EVT teacher says is unfinished and that he intends to improve next year.

From Diário Notícias


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