Chega – Madeira accuses CMF of inattention in Caminho do Palheiro

After the storm, Chega-Madeira congratulated the Funchal City Council and the Regional Government for their actions after ’20th February ‘which, “supposedly, were the ones that prevented major catastrophes yesterday”.

Even so, the party says that it warned, last February, that the Caminho do Palheiro, next to the Canto do Muro Housing Complex, “constituted a danger to the population, even after the patch made by the Funchal City Council, in the January , which only put cement to cover the situation “.

“Last night, this road collapsed and went public due to the storm. Chega-Madeira has something to say about this: It’s a lie! We warned you, we warned you and what did the Funchal City Council do? Nothing! And we ask: is this the concern and appreciation they have for the population? “, they accuse, aiming at the mayor’s president, Miguel Silva Gouveia.

“We ask for attention to the infrastructures it makes available for the benefit of the population, as it is not enough to close a street to traffic and do nothing to solve the problem! The population needs preventive measures, needs regular and effective cleaning! In conclusion, we want to congratulate and thank the security and civil protection forces for their great work “, he concludes.

From Diário Notícias

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