Elderly people over 80 years of age in Funchal who have not yet been vaccinated should contact a health center

People aged between 75 and 79 years old with pathology (heart failure, coronary heart disease, kidney failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and over 80 years old, residing in the municipality of Funchal, who have not yet been contacted for the vaccination against covid -19, they should contact the health center in their area of ​​residence. This contact can also be made by family members.

In a note issued by the Regional Health Secretariat, the guardianship states that “in the last few days, the personnel assigned to the health centers of the municipality of Funchal, have tried to contact the elderly eligible for vaccination against COVID-19, but many of these contacts are hampered by a lack of updated phone numbers “.

In addition to contacting health centers, the following numbers can be contacted: 291 705 490/291 705 410; 966735365; 969376956; 969320168; 969319606.

For this reason, the appeal is made to update the user’s record, his household and his contacts with his health center.

“We recommend using the available telephone lines, email contacts from the health centers in your area of ​​residence or access the user portal at www.sesaram.pt/portaldoutente.”

“We further inform you that the RAM Health Service, is carrying out computer updates, in the last days, so we appeal to the users’ understanding, in case it is faced with an error in the system”, concludes the note.

From Diário Notícias


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