The Funchal City Council said today, in a balance sheet made to the damage caused by the bad weather recorded over Saturday and the early hours of this Sunday, that five roads remain closed. In addition, there are damaged traffic lights and 14 people had to be rehomed due to flooding.

“The Funchal City Council informs that, following the weather that hit the municipality, the Caminho dos Salões (bursting of a pipeline) and the Caminho do Palheiro, in the parish of São Gonçalo, are still closed, as well as access to a footpath at Rua de São Martinho (landslide and wall fall) and Rua do Amparo (intersection of Caminho do Engenho Velho), both in the parish of São Martinho. de Abril (quota 40) “, says the municipality in a statement.

Most of the damaged traffic lights are in downtown Funchal.

Finally, the Funchal City Council states that the Lido Bathing Complex will only reopen to the public next Wednesday, March 31, following the floods and their impacts on the pool and gutters. “There was no major damage, but the entire complex will have to be cleaned and the different structures reviewed and replaced, in order to guarantee all the safety conditions for the respective use.”

From Jornal Madeira

The heavy rains that hit the archipelago this weekend “swept” building material to the center of the parish of Estreito de Câmara de Lobos and also to Rua da Marinheira (Bomba de Gasolina).

In the photo gallery below it is possible to see how the materials stored there spread on the roads of the fregeusia.

From Jornal Madeira

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