Health Officials clarify that a new case on Porto Santo is non-resident

Following the news which reported the existence of a new case of covid-19 in Porto Santo, known for two days, the Regional Directorate of Health clarifies that he is a non-resident citizen, so it was already recorded in the epidemiological bulletin that is issued daily.

Contrary to what had been reported by the Porto Santo health delegate, the case was reported on Monday, the 8th, integrating the three new positive cases of non-residents, on which the bulletin does not specify the location during their stay in the region.

In the confirmation given this morning, Rogério Correia had stressed that “the situation does not pose a great risk to Porto Santo, since the person was soon isolated. As he arrived without a test, he was tracked at the entrance and remained in isolation until the result was known of the test. The risk for the local population is almost nonexistent “.

From Diário Notícias

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