Porto Santo Line cancels ‘Lobo Marinho’ trips for this Saturday

The voyages of the ship ‘Lobo Marinho’ scheduled for this Saturday, February 19th, will be canceled “due to bad weather conditions that make it impossible for the ship to dock in the port of Porto Santo, and which jeopardizes the safety of passengers and the ship”, informs Porto Santo Line in a note issued

For this reason, it explains that passengers can change their ticket (which is exempt from the respective fee), at the counters, by calling 291 210 300 (Monday to Friday: 9 am-12.30 pm/2 pm-6 pm) or by emailing infopsl@ grupoousa.pt.

“Additionally, in relation to trips on 20/02/2022 and 21/02/2022, we continue to monitor weather conditions, taking into account that there is a probability of cancellation”, he adds.

From Diário Notícias

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