Rain and wind have already reached yellow warning values

The effects on land of the announced ‘bad weather’ – precipitation and wind – were already being felt in the early evening yesterday. Rain has already fallen in practically the entire Region – until 11 pm the exception was the Monte meteorological station -, having been more significant in the mountainous regions, particularly in Achadas da Cruz/Lombo da Terça, where the extreme amount at the time highest intensity reached a yellow warning record (14.2 mm/1h).

The wind has also increased in intensity in the last hours of the evening and is again lashing the Madeira Airport area, where gusts of up to 76 km/h (corresponds to a yellow warning) have already been recorded and an average wind has increased to 50.4 km/h.

From Diário Notícias

All seems a little calmer at the monent, and flights seem to be landing OK at the airport. Later Saturday and into Sunday the weather should worsen with more prolonged periods of rain.