Areeiro buffeted by intense rain and gusts above 100 km/h

The rain that fell during the night was persistent and very significant, which was also very windy, especially in the mountainous regions of the island of Madeira and particularly in the Areeiro area. In these high peaks, the precipitation accumulated throughout the night exceeded 100 liters per square meter (mm), having been more significant between 23:00 and 05:00, reaching an extreme amount of 85.8 mm/6h, in Chão do Areeiro, value consistent with red warning. Further up, in Pico do Areeiro, there was the same extreme risk meteorological situation, with rain reaching 77.8 mm/6h.

In addition to the ‘water load’, there was a very strong wind, with a gust of up to 108 km/h recorded (until 08:00) at Chão do Areeiro (the only one of the two meteorological stations in Areeiro equipped with an anemometer).

In addition to these two climatic factors that had motivated the issuing of yellow warnings, the low air temperature, which at the beginning of this morning, registered a minimum temperature of 0.1 ºC in Pico do Areeiro (prone to snowfall, as also expected to occur).

In the entire network of IPMA meteorological stations in Madeira (20 in Madeira, 1 in Porto Santo) the amounts of precipitation recorded during the night provided the two referenced red/6h warning records, three orange warning records (Bica da Cana/ 6h, Pico Alto/6h and Pico do Areeiro/1h) and eight yellow warning records (Santo da Serra/6h/1h; Achadas da Cruz/lombo da Tuesday/6h/1h; Chão do Areeiro/1h; Bica da Cana/ 1h; Alto Peak/1h; São Vicente/1h).

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