All in Portugal can register for their Covid-19 Vaccination

Thanks to Hadley who has put this in a comment in one of my posts, but think it’s important for all here to know.

This might be of interest to people who are in Madeira and want the jab but don’t have residency / health centre status. I saw it on the British In Portugal Facebook group…..

‘I have just received this from a reputable source. Thanks Rob Kean.
“There is a site/form for people without a Utente number (the Portuguese equivalent to an NHS number) to register for the vaccine. The Portuguese govt. has agreed all in Portugal, for whatever reason, can have the vaccine. So you can log on and enter details and be registered on the vaccine system. It is in Portuguese but fairly straightforward. Except that we (UK) start with Reino.
If you use the Chrome Internet browser it will translate the page for you if you have the Google translate extention if you struggle, but any browser will work of course!
Here is a link that will take you there –
Feel free to pass this link on to anyone you may know who is not in the National Health system here.”