TVDE company takes action against the Regional Government

A transport company on the UBER platform will file a lawsuit against the Regional Government and claim high compensation for economic losses.

At issue is the limitation on the number of uncharacterized vehicles in Madeira, legislated by the Regional Government and which comes into force on 6 May. Legislation that has already led UBER to withdraw from the operation in the Region.

Maxim Meaudé is French and has been in Madeira since 2019. He has 35 vehicles and drivers who will now lose their jobs. These too are being advised by the entrepreneur to bring another action against the Regional Government. 

Maxim Meaudé invested around 800 thousand euros in the company to settle in the Region. Antena 1 Madeira said it will now transfer the operation to the mainland. 

In addition to the 30 drivers of this company, in total, there are about 80 UBER drivers in Madeira who will lose their jobs next May.

Despite the difficulties, the French businessman stresses that he will not leave the Region where he lives with his wife and daughter. Although without revealing the amounts of compensation sought, Maxim explains that the lawsuit against the Regional Government will be brought to court next Monday.
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