Census 2021- I have some answers.

I have asked a few questions about the Census and they are below wifh the answers. If you have any other questions the derails are below and they respond well to emails.

Q: There are still people on the island who never had a letter with their codes posted.  What can they do.?

A: If they really live in Madeira (i.e. have here their main residence), they should contact the civil parish [Junta de Freguesia], state their address and someone will deliver a letter with the access codes to the website censos2021.ine.pt. If you have trouble making yourself understood please contact the Regional Directorate of Statistics of Madeira (phone number 291 145126).

Q: There are many who have second homes here who can’t get there codes as they are not on the island.  What can they do and should they try to fill in the census?

A: In the case of secondary homes, owners should not worry. The census taker will get that information from the neighbours. Letters were not delivered in secondary homes, unless the census taker is unsure. It’s up to them to register those houses as secondary residences.

Q: Madeiran residents can’t get there codes or not had them as living abroad, what can they do.?

A: If they live abroad permanently with their family, they do not fill out the Census. If they are out let’s say for five months and come back to Madeira, they are counted here. They need to contact the Civil Parish [Junta de Freguesia]. Another possibility is their close family giving the data of these relatives to the census taker.

Q: Has the census been extended till end of May?

A: The deadline is May, 3rd. However the census takers will be on the ground contacting those who did not respond until the end of May. Please take in account that the answer to the Census is mandatory and confidentiality is assured.

Best regards,

The Regional Directorate of Statistics of Madeira.

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