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A male person, about 30 years old, ‘left’ a finger this morning on the fence that prevents access between Praia de São Tiago and the Barreirinha Beach Complex, when trying to jump from one side to the other side.

FrenteMar Funchal employees were surprised this Saturday morning, when they arrived at the solarium at the Barreirinha Beach Complex and found… a human Finger caught in the fence. 

After making this unusual discovery, they noticed that, on the other side of the fence that allows passage from Praia de São Tiago, it was a little sparkling. It became clear that the man had jumped the fence and the ring on his finger got caught in the railing, ripping his finger off. 

Jornal Madeira know that the individual was admitted to the Dr. Nélio Mendonça Hospital, which led him to be easily identified by the authorities, who were, however, alerted by FrenteMar employees.

On site were teams of the Maritime Police and the Judiciary Police.