“If before the vaccination the teachers were already anxious and apprehensive, now they are much more.”

Even more so after the AstraZeneca vaccines were administered to teachers and non-teachers in the Region, in the last week. 

The words are from António Pinho, president of the Democratic Teachers’ Union of Madeira, who, although with some “reservations about expressing an opinion” in relation to this matter, considers that there was “a rush to resume vaccination with AstraZeneca”.

In his opinion, it would be more logical to wait “some more time for the experts on the matter to make a decision regarding the side effects” that may arise. For this reason, and after this vaccine was suspended and “after it was resumed”, he states that this situation is “a mess”, not least because “we do not understand exactly what is at the origin of all this”.

Another complaint that has come to the Democratic Union of Teachers of Madeira is that the legislation does not provide for adverse reactions after taking the vaccine, leading many teachers to show their indignation for not knowing how to justify their absences.

From Jornal Madeira

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