Video shows numbers and features of the mobile radar in Madeira

Of the 20,583 radar-controlled vehicles in the first quarter of this year, 3.3% were speeding.

In the first quarter of this year, the PSP caught 678 drivers in violation, 20.9% more compared to the same period in 2020. Despite the increase, the number of controlled vehicles fell 41.8% due to the pandemic.

The theme that makes headlines in this Sunday’s Diário Notícias also explains that restrictions on mobility due to the pandemic have reduced car traffic on Madeira’s main roads, but the infractions have not slowed down.

The use of mobile, hidden and unmarked radars is legal, although the information must be made public by security forces. The PSP broadcasts every month the places where it carries out road enforcement actions with these devices.

(Many might think this is a very low percentage, but I believe the main problem on the island is not so much the speeding, but the fact they can’t keep in their bloody lane, and I would say this is what causes most of the accidents on the expressway)