Forensic investigator working at a crime scene

Woman stabbed six times by family member in attempted murder in Caniço

A 68-year-old woman was stabbed six times by a family member this Monday morning, at 8 am, in a house on Caminho Velho da Tendeira, in Caniço, AgoraMadeira knows. The victim is at risk of death in the hospital.

Six blows were made on the stomach area and another was on the arm, in an attempted murder that is already under the jurisdiction of the judicial authorities. As it was possible to ascertain, the suspect was at the scene when the PSP arrived, having been detained but previously also sent to the hospital, in the company of the security authorities.

The woman was rescued by the Firefighters of Santa Cruz and EMIR. The lady was consciously transported to the hospital but was losing a lot of blood considering the various injuries sustained by the knife.

From Agora Madeira

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