Paulo Neves today called for all parties to approve the bill designed by PSD / M and submitted by Parliament, which aims to end the geographic block on online shopping by Madeirans and Porto-Aantenses.

“Currently, there are many online shopping platforms on which it is impossible for Madeirenses and Porto-Santenses to buy or receive the products they purchase, a situation that is unfair and represents unacceptable discrimination” reiterated the deputy, who hopes that it will come to be surpassed, tomorrow, during the discussion of this in the Assembly of the Republic.

“What the project that was presented by the Legislative Assembly of Madeira to the Assembly of the Republic proposes – a project that is authored by the PSD / M but that is accompanied by the other parties with parliamentary seat in the regional parliament – is that, in effect, the Government of the Republic move towards a national law that prohibits this negative discrimination in relation to Madeira ”, explains Paulo Neves, stressing that this exclusion is all the more serious when one thinks of the difficulties that many families and companies in Madeira faced, during the pandemic, in access and acquisition of goods and services via online.

The Social-Democratic deputy insists on a solution to this blockade, which, in his opinion, “has no plausible justification”.

“We cannot accept that the Portuguese who live on the continent can do their shopping online, that European citizens can also use this route and that only Madeirans and Porto-Santenses are left out”, reinforces the Madeiran deputy, stating that the What is at stake in tomorrow’s debate is the end of an unfair injustice against the Region.

“What we hope for, in tomorrow’s discussion, in the Assembly of the Republic, is that all parties support this bill, since, starting from the Parliament of Madeira and despite being an initiative of the PSD / M, this project had the support of the other parties and, therefore, has all the conditions to pass in the national Assembly ”, he concluded.

From Jornal Madeira

I think the postal services need a big shake up as well, especially CTT which has to be one of the worse companies in Portugal, and even more so in Madeira where they think we are on the moon, and not in Europe.

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