EasyJet flight returns to Lisbon without being able to land in Madeira

The flight EJU 7603, coming from Lisbon, made an attempt to land in Madeira and aborted. Then tried a second approach to the Santa Cruz runway, before heading back to Humberto Delgado Airport, in Lisbon.

EasyJet’s Airbus A320-214 left Lisbon at 7:10 am on Tuesday morning, scheduled time, to land at Madeira Airport – Cristiano Ronaldo at around 9 am. However, it has just landed at Lisbon Airport at 10:20 am, after more than 3 hours of travel.

EasyJet informs that the plane is scheduled to return to Madeira at 4:45 pm today. The rescheduling of the diverged flight foresees the landing on the island at around 6:25 pm on Tuesday.

The low cost airline informs that the plane’s return to Lisbon is “due to bad weather conditions in Madeira, which are below safe limits.” EasyJet apologizes to passengers, but sees the situation as being “beyond our control”. Meteorological conditions on the island registered gusts of up to 63 km / h in the last hour and an average wind of 42.1 km / h.

At the scheduled arrival time of flight EJU 7603, at 9 am, another plane landed at Madeira Airport. Binter Canarias flight NT 931, departing from Porto Santo, landed at 9:04 am. Later, at 9:32 am, another plane landed at the region’s main airport, Transavia’s HV 6629 flight from Amsterdam.

From Diário Notícias