82 year old has lucky escape

The rescue of the 82-year-old driver, who drove his car over the cliff edge in São Jorge, was carried out just below the area where he left the road.

The elderly man, who suffered a great scare but apparently escaped only with bruises on his face and complaints of pain on his arm, has already been referred to the Health Center.

The vehicle is not visible from the road and will be in the middle of the undergrowth down the slope. Witnesses of the accident say they do not even know the color of the car for sure, so great was the fright they got. One of them, who was following behind, says that she only remembers seeing the wheels through the air when the vehicle climbed the stone wall.

The accident took place in an ascending direction, above a local lodging house a few meters from the sign indicating the village of Cruz

The images refer to the place where the firefighters carried out the rescue and rescued of the elderly man.

From Jornal Madeira