The Madeira Regional Command of the Public Security Police announced today that, following the Operation “Ao the Volante, the Cell Phone Can Wait”, it detected 8 individuals who were using their mobile phone while driving.

This campaign, which took place between 15 and 31 May, carried out 33 inspection actions, supported by 133 police elements who inspected a total of 1,388 vehicles.

In addition to the use of mobile phones, PSP also identified 11 drivers driving under the influence of alcohol, 34 driving under the influence of speed and 5 people not using their seat belts.

In all, in this operation, 198 administrative offenses were registered, 5 for lack of civil liability insurance and 8 for lack of mandatory inspection of vehicles.

“Regarding the use of mobile phones while driving, the PSP used a prevention and awareness strategy, starting with a communication to the population in order to inform drivers of the danger of this practice allied to the fact that the infraction is now punished with a fine of €250.00 to €1.250.00 and removal of three points from the Driver’s License, and maintaining, during inspections, a speech to raise awareness of the dangers of using a mobile phone while driving”, informs a note sent to the editorial office.

“In this matter, the operation achieved its objectives, with a reduced number of citizens detected to lead in the practice of such an infraction”, he adds.

It should be noted that the campaign “Ao the Volante, the Cell Phone Can Wait” is part of a national action, the primary purpose of which would be to raise awareness among drivers of the dangers inherent in using a cell phone while driving.

From Jornal Madeira

Only eight, we see this everyday, more than 5 times each trip, its unbelievable why people still do this.

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