The vice president of the Regional Government said that the Vinho Madeira rally should have a significant number of campers in the mountains of the region, as is tradition.

“I think we will have the same number of people looking for sites, as they usually ask in the last week before the rally”, which starts on Friday, but with a ‘checkdown’ on Thursday, in the Cardais area. “But care must be taken not to fill the spaces used for the tents”, emphasized Pedro Calado, praising, however, the civic behavior that Madeirans have shown throughout the times of pandemic, in relation to large crowds. In any case, and as had already been reported, there will be police reinforcements. “No matter how much policing there is, what we want is for people, by themselves, to be compliant.”

“It’s a social celebration, a big event for the entire Region and many families are looking for this period to take a vacation” and many camp in authorized areas because of the rally, said Pedro Calado, who was present at the reopening of the Group’s headquarters. Campismo de Santo António, Funchal.

The government official urged people to work together, but keeping the precautions in terms of rules imposed by the authorities as a way to contain the pandemic. “We believe that the minimum conditions are guaranteed to be able to go out on the street and be in healthy coexistence and benefit from the sporting and social celebration that is the Rali Vinho de Madeira.

From Jornal Madeira

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