Companies accused of not sharing benefits with workers from the resumption of tourism in Madeira

This afternoon, the Hotel Trade Union defended that companies in the sector (which includes accommodation, restaurants, bars, bakeries, etc.) share with their workers the profits that result from the increase in productivity resulting from the resumption of tourism in Madeira, since until now “the vast majority of companies” have not only refused wage increases but also reinforced precarious employment conditions. This position was taken at the end of a plenary of union leaders and delegates that took place at the organization’s headquarters in Funchal.

According to Marco Gonçalves, jurist of the Hospitality Union, there was a greater number of complaints in this plenary for violations of labor rights – imposition of working hours, booking vacations without negotiation, non-payment of overtime work or compensation for work on holidays with rest days, when this is not what the law provides. “With the pandemic, everyone was asked to tighten their belts. But with the recovery, it appears that the bosses have widened their belt and are even making more investments. At the same time, most companies take advantage of this to make work even more precarious. It is the misfortune of some to be used for the benefit of others”, observed the spokesperson for today’s meeting.

On the other hand, Marco Gonçalves explained that companies are refusing wage increases to their workers, arguing that there are no conditions to improve pay. Now the jurist of the Hospitality Union guarantees that reality belies this thesis: “There are companies with 300% growth in production. Due to the recovery, companies returned to profits. There are conditions for a salary update in 2021/2022”.

From Diário Notícias