‘Amera’ on a stopover at the Port of Funchal

Scheduled for arrival at 8 am this Friday morning, October 1st, the cruise ship ‘Amera’ arrived slightly earlier and inaugurates what, it seems, could be a new life in the Port of Funchal.

With only a ‘handful’ of stopovers since the start of the covid-19 pandemic, the main sea port of entry in Madeira, October should have a very lively month, compared to the last year and a half.

Thus, according to data released by APRAM, this month there should be 24 stopovers at the Port of Funchal, including today’s, and five in Porto Santo. Unless there are cancellations that are not registered (taken from the Madeira Ports Administration portal), then it is, in effect, a return to normality possible in the activity of this service, at least with regard to the reception of cruise ships.

As for the ‘Amera’, it is a medium-sized vessel, with about 205 meters in length, in operation since 1988 and which has already had three other names, four owners, five operators and was registered in three ports, the current one is in the Bahamas .

It has a capacity for 835 passengers and 443 crew, but it should not be fully occupied given the measures that still exist.

Coming from Lisbon, it leaves tomorrow at 7 am towards Porto Santo.

From Diário Notícias

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