Leroy Merlin Opens in Funchal – With Photos

October 1, 2021 – LEROY MERLIN today opened the doors of its new store in Funchal, continuing the process of expansion of the Brand in national territory. With the opening of this new store, LEROY MERLIN will bring to the inhabitants of the autonomous region of Madeira a more diversified offer of DIY, construction, decoration, kitchen, bathroom and garden products and services. The Funchal store allows customers to discover and bring to life all projects for the home with the support and advice of its 190 employees. Of this total, 120 are new hires and the team that was part of the Funchal AKI store is fully integrated into the new store.

This opening is part of the convergence process between LEROY MERLIN and AKI, both brands belonging to the ADEO group. From this process, announced in June 2018, in January 2019 a unique new company was born that unites the two companies and brands. Therefore, as a result of the opening of this new store, AKI Funchal closes.

At LEROY MERLIN Funchal, the first large-scale store that LEROY MERLIN opens in the Autonomous Regions, the Habitante now has available a more diversified offer of products, solutions and services, complemented by online through the leroymerlin.pt website, where you can access more than 130,000 products. The opening of this type of store is part of the implementation of the Multiconcept, with small, medium and large commercial spaces that complement each other and are supported by the online channel.

Located next to the Hospital Privado da Madeira, LEROY MERLIN Funchal has a sales area of ​​over 11,000m2, which includes 3,000m2 of building materials.

In the store, inspirational environments for kitchen, bathroom, wardrobes, storage and flooring are available to inspire Customers in the creation of their projects, and there are also Project Spaces, areas where the Customer can count on the advice of specialized advisors to develop all your projects. There is also a Decoration Atelier, a space dedicated to advising clients and equipped with a specialized team where Inhabitants can create their own custom-made, personalized and completely adapted decoration project to their needs.

In this new store, Customers can also find other features, such as a specific drive-in for construction materials – which facilitates the Customers’ purchasing process –, a place to collect goods and services such as wood cutting, financing, delivery home throughout the island of Madeira and Porto Santo, installation and many others. At LEROY MERLIN Funchal, the Customer has at his disposal several products of the Casa Brands, with the best quality-price ratio, and where he can also choose to finish his purchases with all the convenience and security, using the self-checkout boxes.

LEROY MERLIN customers in Funchal will be able to take advantage of the Casa Card, the LEROY MERLIN loyalty program, free of charge and which allows the Customer to have a direct 10% discount on projects and obtain other advantages such as discount vouchers. The Casa Profissional Card is also available, with all the advantages of the Casa Card for individuals, in addition to several specific advantages for Professional Customers.

The Funchal store will have photovoltaic panels available since its opening, continuing a commitment to sustainability created with the aim of bringing a Positive Impact not only to the lives of Customers, but also to the entire local community. In total, LEROY MERLIN installed 1,032 modules in the Funchal store, whose production will represent – ​​it is estimated – 42% of the building’s energy needs.

The opening hours of LEROY MERLIN Funchal will be from 8am to 8pm from Monday to Saturday and holidays, and from 9am to 5pm on Sundays. Due to the pandemic context, the schedules may be adjusted according to the indications of the Portuguese Government.

Learn more at www.leroymerlin.pt


ADEO — owner of the two national companies, BRICODIS – DISTRIBUIÇÃO DE BRICOLAGE S.A. and BCM – BRICOLAGE S.A., which respectively operate the brands AKI and LEROY MERLIN — merged these two companies and brands, making them a single business entity. On January 1, 2019, a new unique organizational structure was born with a new business model that unites both companies and brands.

The construction of this new business organization preserves the best of both companies and brands, focusing on the well-being of its Employees and meeting all the needs of its Customers. The aim is to create a true Platform for the Home and the Inhabitant, responding to the priority challenges identified in the national market.

The convergence process in Portugal comes within the scope of the strategic plan for the international reorganization of the French group ADEO, which began in the second half of 2017. This corporate restructuring aims to evolve the current business models of ADEO companies, towards the transformation into a company multi-concept, more competitive in the field of home improvement, capable of satisfying all needs and being of maximum benefit to the Resident-Customer.

In this context, the opening of LEROY MERLIN Funchal is part of the brand’s expansion process.

For more information, contact:

Bruno Mourão – bmourao@llorenteycuenca.com | +351 933 456 001

Francisca Rodrigues – frodrigues@llorenteycuenca,com | +351 917 153 014

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