New centrality of Porto Novo ready to receive population

The regional secretary for Equipment and Infrastructure, Pedro Fino, visited today the requalification works that took place in Porto Novo, next to Estrada Padre Alfredo Vieira de Freitas, which resulted in a useful and pleasant leisure area.

In this place, previously unused, a new space was born in the parish of Gaula, with a garden area, lighting and urban furniture, for the population to enjoy. This space has two floors, one upper and one lower, with a panoramic view of Santa Cruz.

For the benefit of the population, a shelter for public transport passengers was also built from scratch and 12 parking spaces were created, which are important for day-to-day activities, as well as for the residents of the parish who travel by bus to their homes. workplaces, leaving their own vehicles parked there. The road was also repaved.

Pedro Fino went to the site to learn about the final product of this space which, as he underlined, “is the result of an excellent work carried out with its own resources by the Regional Directorate of Roads”.

“On this occasion, I want to thank the dedication of our workers, who transformed this previously vacant space into a beautiful place of fruition for the entire population”, he stressed.

The official also stressed the importance of the parking spaces created for those who need a place to park their own vehicle and travel to their work station by public transport.

“These small-scale works often make all the difference in people’s daily lives and the Regional Government will continue to respond to these suggestions from the population, in favor of a policy of proximity that it has always defended”, he concluded.

From Diário Notícias

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