One Bedroom Apartments For Digital Nomads, Porto Santo

Vila Baleira has extended its Digital Nomads Porto Santo experience for another year between October-December 2021 and March-May 2022 with an extended co-work space, as well as a trendy T1 apartment.

“I noticed a gap in the market as hotel occupancy was down during covid due to the lack of tourism and general out of season trend in PXO, so this way Nomads could help the local economy thrive and they could experience an alternative to Funchal or Ponta Do Sol to gain a more rounded view of Madeira. It worked really well in January – May and we have now extended it to new Nomads until 2022.”
After Neil founded the deal last summer during the pandemic, we created a cosy digital nomad community on the island of Porto Santo with the help of Bruno and Eliana from VB. This year could be even better with the relaxed and tranquil calmness of the Island and more Nomads enquiring about the possibility of working remotely from the T1 apartment in the hotel.
The terms of the deal also allow the option to swap between the T1 apartment in Porto Santo and the sister hotel room in Funchal giving a flexible alternative on arrival/exit or during the month stay for no extra fee. For example you can stay 1 week in PXO and 3 weeks in Funchal or vice versa.
“We have a stunning beach, nice hikes, a variety of watersports, good connectivity and more importantly a lovely community.
For more information whatsapp: ‪+351 937 032 412‬

October-December | March-May


Monthly Rates

Single occupancy: 650€/month (breakfast included)

Double occupancy: 800€/month (breakfast included)


Night Rates

Single occupancy: 38€/night (breakfast included)

Double Occupancy: 54€/night (breakfast included)

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