Plastic or aluminum packaging used in ready-to-eat meals will pay a fee of 30 cents in 2022, according to the State Budget proposal delivered on Monday to the Assembly of the Republic.

The measure will apply to “single-use plastic, aluminum or multi-material with plastic packages” that are used in “ready-to-eat and take-away or home delivery arrangements” and the value will have to be itemized on the invoice that consumers will pay.

The proposal emphasizes that meal suppliers “cannot create obstacles” for meal buyers to use their own packaging that they bring from home.

The taxpayers of the “contribution” will be the “producers or importers” or whoever buys the packaging.

The proceeds of the contributions collected will revert in half to the State coffers, 40 percent will go to the Environmental Fund (to apply in measures that promote the circular economy, with reuse), 05% to the Portuguese Environment Agency, 03% to the Tax Authority and the General Inspectorate of Agriculture, Sea, Environment and Spatial Planning and the Food and Economic Security Authority will receive 01% each.

From Jornal Madeira


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