The bathing season ends today on the last four guarded beaches in Madeira

With the sea water temperature (still) around 24ºC (this week it reached 25.1ºC, in Funchal, on the 10th) and the air temperature recording a maximum of 27ºC (27.3ºC, yesterday, in Porto Moniz ), this Friday, the 15th, the 2021 bathing season ends at the four bathing beaches (assistance for bathers) in Madeira, where this is still in force. As of tomorrow, Saturday, there will no longer be (officially) supervised beaches in the Region.

Three of these guarded beaches (with Beach Notice) are the Porto Santo beaches of Fontinha, Ribeiro Cochino and Ribeiro Salgado, the latter two being hotel concessions. To these is also added the emblematic natural swimming pool of Porto Moniz, which from this Saturday, the 16th, will no longer be officially in the bathing season and will no longer function as a bathing beach, but in this case, like other access bathing complexes. paid entrance, maintains the surveillance of lifeguards.

However, the bathing season, which runs at various speeds, still lasts until the end of this month in two of the 57 bathing waters identified this year, through an Ordinance for this purpose, in Madeira and Porto Santo. The unsupervised beaches of Quinta do Lorde, in Caniçal, and Arieiro, in Funchal, remain in the bathing season until the 31st of October, although the latter is temporarily closed – since the 26th of September – due to the landslide. next to it, in the area of ​​the Orca Praia hotel.

Despite the end of the bathing season, it should be noted that the paid access bathing complexes, such as the natural swimming pool at Porto Moniz, the bathing complexes managed by Frente MarFunchal – Lido, Ponta Gorda, Barreirinha and Doca do Cavacas -, of Clube Naval do Funchal and Galomar, in Caniço, are open all year round, and even outside the official bathing season, they ensure the presence of lifeguard(s) watching over the bathers.

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