‘AIDA Cruises’ returns to Madeira every week

‘AIDA Cruises’ once again has a weekly presence in Madeira and preferably, whenever possible, intends to dock at berth 6 or north berth of the port of Funchal.

This was highlighted today by the Commander of ‘AIDAmar’, Manuel Pannzek, who in the middle of the morning, received the welcome greetings from the President of the Administration of Ports of Madeira, Paula Cabaço, and other entities of the maritime and port community, as well as the company’s agent, within the scope of the first stopover for this ship in the region.

‘AIDAmar’ will be one of the company’s weekly presences, on the Canary-Madeira route.

After having visited several ports in northern Europe, on the way down, it visited the Port of Leixões, the Port of Lisbon, now Funchal and continues on to the Canary Islands, where they will be based at this time.

It is on this itinerary that the ship will come to Madeira weekly, just like the company’s other ship, the ‘AIDAblu’, which will come to our region with the same regularity.

From January onwards, the ‘AIDAnova’, one of the company’s largest ships, enters the route.

‘AIDA Cruises’ continues to enjoy this area of ​​the Atlantic corridor. Between October this year and April 2022, the company plans to make 48 stopovers at the Port of Funchal.

From Diário Notícias

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