Miguel Pires celebrates today 25 years of career. It was on November 1, 1996 that the Madeiran decided to make music his profession.

The well-known pianist and singer in the various projects he has been part of for over two decades dispenses tribute, but leaves several requests in a post made on his Facebook page marking the date: “I want you to let me work more. I want them to give me the conditions to do more and better. I want them to continue to see and hear me for many more years. I want to continue to be part of Madeira Nights and to work for tourism and the culture of this land. let me work in peace, with whoever wants to work with me.”

“I always want Music! Music: this wonderful thing that, until today, insists on making me happy”, he concludes.

Many of you will know Miguel for his Elton John tribute shows, which are fantastic.

From Jornal Madeira

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