Madeira registers 29 more cases, and I’m having a rant….

The health authority of the Autonomous Region of Madeira reports today, November 1, 2021, another 29 new cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection in RAM, two of which were imported from Germany and the Region of Lisbon and Vale do Tejo, and 27 cases of local transmission. The Region now counts 12,138 confirmed cases of covid-19.

Today there are also 8 more people recovering from the disease to register, totaling 11,883 recovered cases and 178 active cases, of which 31 are imported cases and 147 are of local transmission.

So now I’m going to rant a little as its the same stupid comments all the time that pop up.

Many have been saying the numbers are getting high again, why so many coming in with the virus, blah blah blah….

Let’s just look at how well the island has done, and we have always been open for everyone, since the very first lockdown of 8-9 weeks.

Everything now has opened up, we have cruise ships coming almost everyday, we recently had the Flower Festival, Wine Festival and this last weekend the Legend Rally. No need to wear masks outside anymore. All the night clubs are open, and the curfew has gone.

Today we had almost 40 flight arrivals, tomorrow another 24 arrivals, so thousands a day coming to the island. For this time of year also the island is still extremely busy and business are recovering.

So is 30 cases or so a day really a lot…. PLEASE….

Also most these cases are local transmission so within families, more than likely from the continent, certainly not many tourists, and tourists coming on holiday have never been a big problem.

I also saw a post in one of the Facebook groups from someone wanting information on coming to the island for a few months and that they hadn’t been vaccinated, and were asking the rules, and some IDIOT put a comment saying to get jabbed as people like that are not welcome, I soon left him a stinking comment, and told him idoits like himself with no brain at all are not welcome to the island.

Madeira has, and always will welcome everyone, jabbed or not, and long may we continue.