Rain on the verge of reaching orange warning value on Mt.

The rain in this late morning and early morning (until 9 am) fell with greater intensity on the south coast of the island of Madeira and in particular between Quinta Grande (Câmara de Lobos) and Cancela/SRPC (Funchal), having been more intense in the high areas of Funchal, in particular in Monte, which was(ed) on the verge of reaching an orange warning quantity, registering 39.6 liters per square meter (mm) for the 6-hour interval. It turns out that the almost 40 mm of precipitation in this meteorological station of the IPMA network in Madeira was obtained in the last 4 hours… and it continues to rain.

Here are the 11 records in seven locations that justify the yellow warning already in force: Monte (16.1 mm/1h and 39.6 mm/6h); Funchal/Observatory (15.6 mm/1h and 35.7 mm/6h); Cancela/SRPC (15.9 mm/1h and 32.3 mm/6h); Pico Alto (12.2 mm/1h and 31.4 mm/6h); Funchal/Lido (11.9 mm/1h); Porto Santo (11.7 mm/1h); Quinta Grande (10.9 mm/1h).

Where it rained the least was in Santana, which until 9 am registered only traces of precipitation (0.2 mm).

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