Technical failure on TAP’s A330-900 neo makes it necessary to change planes

One of the most recent aircraft in TAP’s fleet, the A330-900 neo, which would fly today from Lisbon to Madeira, suffered a technical breakdown – probably in the air conditioning system – which forced the change of plans to transfer all passengers to another plane.

In addition to the delay in the flight, which was announced as good news by the Portuguese airline, and should arrive at Madeira International Airport – Cristiano Ronaldo at 20:35, there is the inconvenience of now having to prepare another plane for the fulfillment of this flight TP 1691.

According to information from a passenger, the technical breakdown thus forces them to change planes, information given naturally by the captain. All passengers had to return to the terminal to reboard another plane.

Faced with the “unbearable heat inside the cabin, passengers can count on a delay that promises to be significant. The captain lamented the embarrassment, noting that “safety comes first”.

The flight was supposed to leave Lisbon at 18:50, but according to initial information from Humberto Delgado Airport, it would only leave at 19:45. If he fulfilled this new schedule, and given the flight time (1h45), he should arrive in Madeira at 21:30h.

From Diário Notícias

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