Vaccination and testing in Funchal lead to long lines

There is a long queue for vaccination against covid-19 in Funchal, which takes place at this time in the main pavilion of Madeira Tecnopolo. But also many wait for the antigen test.

In what is the largest vaccination center in Madeira, this Friday is marked by another long line of people, especially many looking for the 3rd dose of the vaccine against covid-19. In any case, the waiting time was noted by readers who referred to this situation.

It should be noted that until last week, 423,250 covid-19 vaccines had been administered, numbers that have grown with first doses and that in just the first five days after the announcement of the reinforcement of measures, it took almost 4,000 to make the decision.

As for the tests, after last Friday there was a rush to pharmacies and free testing kiosks, a situation that continued in the following days despite the postponement of the entry into force of the new restrictive measures for this Saturday, the day before that date, the Madeirans are again looking for these tests en masse.

It is recalled that the Government determined that the expiration date of antigen tests was now one week. That is, whoever did it last Friday will have to do another test today.

From Diário Notícias

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