Yellow warning for rain could lead to an orange warning

The IPMA regional delegate in Madeira, Victor Prior, anticipates that “during the next week the weather in the Madeira Archipelago will be conditioned by the action of a depression centered on the Azores region” and that tomorrow, Sunday, “a secondary depression associated with the main depression centered in the Azores region, will be the origin of rain or showers”.

The meteorologist confirmed that the forecast of rain, this Sunday, “will lead to the emission of a yellow warning (10 to 20 mm in an hour or 30 to 40 mm in 6 hours)” – warning meanwhile issued – and does not rule out that it may even come to be issued orange warning. “Depending on the evolution, an orange warning may even be issued in a short period during the afternoon”, he concludes.

The yellow warning is in place for tomorrow from midday to 6pm.

From Thursday next week things could get much worse and I will be keeping an eye on this through the week.



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