Mayor of Porto Santo Tests Positive For Covid

Nuno Batista, president of the Porto Santo City Council, tested positive for covid-19.

The news was advanced by himself, this Friday, in an extensive message posted on his official Facebook page.

“The developments of the last few days have brought us to a scenario similar to the one we experienced last January. The current outbreak of covid-19 is affecting people of different ages and at different stages of vaccination, one of them being myself”, added the mayor, informing that he is undergoing quarantine in the premises of the Pestana Ilha Dourada hotel.

Nuno Batista was delighted with “the response of the municipality’s staff” and thanked “the support to all health professionals, who continue to respond with their best to the demands of the present”.

The mayor also warned that “these days have proved that even though we are the municipality with the highest rate of vaccination in the Region, we are not immune to outbreaks”.

“The measures that the Regional Government was a pioneer in implementing and which were seen by some as excessive, such as mass weekly testing, are being fundamental in identifying and combating contagion chains, and are now applied in mainland territory “, he said.

“The world continues to revolve. Day continues to follow night. And we will continue to adapt to circumstances and move forward”, he concluded.

From Jornal Madeira