The ADN – National Democratic Alternative party today demanded that Pedro Ramos, regional secretary of Health and Civil Protection, submit his resignation and apologize to Madeiran parents and children “for covertly trying to impose forced vaccination against Covid-19 , in children from 5 to 11 years old”.

(He should look a little more closer to home and get all his staff in health care vaccinated first instead of demanding it on others.) 

In a note sent to the newsroom, the party vehemently condemns that the government official who oversees the health portfolio “is trying to impose a vaccine, which is still in the experimental phase, on healthy children who do not need it.”

“This political hysteria, which translates into combating the pandemic supported by inconsistent measures and, in most cases, without any guarantees or scientific certainties, must end. The Regional Secretary for Health and Civil Protection of the Autonomous Region of Madeira went beyond all limits of political decency and should be ashamed of wanting to turn Madeiran children into guinea pigs for large laboratories and pharmaceuticals, having even referred to a recurrent lie, already demystified for the entire scientific community, which is trying to convince the population that vaccination prevents contagion”, criticized Bruno Fialho, president of ADN.

“If there are rulers of this country who do not respect the very Constitution that they swore to enforce, then it means that they think we are living a dictatorship regime and, therefore, these “little dictators” must immediately present their resignation”, he adds. .

In the view of Brulho Fialho, the Government of the Republic and the DGS should provide a space for open dialogue so that doctors and other scientists “could fully explain and clarify the Portuguese on their medical and scientific positions”, adding that “the peoples of the world are to open their eyes to the inconsistent measures that have been imposed since the beginning of the pandemic”, being fed up with confinements and restrictions.

“Thus, what should outrage Regional Secretary Pedro Ramos, the Government of Madeira and the Government of the Republic is to do nothing to improve the NHS, save the economy, jobs and the future of families and young people and have lied about the Covid vaccine -19, who always guaranteed that it would end a pandemic. Finally, all government officials should feel ashamed to allow the large laboratories and pharmaceutical companies to continue to be the only winners of this pandemic”, concludes Bruno Fialho.

From Jornal Madeira

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